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Are you grappling with how to...
  1. Celebrate innovation and creativity in your corporate culture?
  2. Nurture teamwork & collaboration?
  3. Motivate your employees to get involved and give back to the community?

"Creativity Moves Business" will help you make a positive impact in your corporate culture and business success with innovative programs that spark creativity, collaboration, and a spirit of giving back throughout your organization.

"Where Creativity Meets Giving Back"
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The Creativity Moves team works with you to develop a custom program. Featured program options include:

1) Teambuilding Workshops on Collaborative Creativity

2) Creative Employee Volunteering Programs

3) Pop-Up Creative Experiences
4) Event Entertainment That Gives Back

5) Celebration of Employee Creativity & Giving

Harness the power of your employees' creative energy and passion for making a difference!

1) Teambuilding Workshops on Collaborative Creativity

Learn the process of creative discovery through a hands-on workshop exploring rhythm, music, and juggling with the touring cast of Playing By Air!

Get out of your chairs, get moving, and have FUN trying something new!

The hands-on teambuilding workshops help your employees discover new ways of approaching their creative process.

With lessons that translate to many different industries, the workshop inspires corporate teams to untap their potential for creative thinking and collaborative teamwork.


2) Creative Employee Volunteering Programs

Get your employees excited to volunteer in the community with corporate giving programs that allow them to express their creativity!

Your employees are passionate about making a difference, and they seek out ways to share their talents, hobbies, and artistic passions with others.

From painting a mural with a local artist in an underserved neighborhood, to making a fun YouTube video with the Boys and Girls Club, your employees develop important leadership skills, empathy, and creative problem solving, all while doing something they love.

With Creativity Moves, volunteering is more than just going through the motions!

3) Pop-Up Creative Experiences

Spark creativity with interactive creative "pop-up" experiences throughout your company's office space and campus.

From breakdancers directing morning traffic in the parking lot, to musicians and circus artists creating improvised acts in the lobby during lunch, these experiences put a smile on the face of your employees and get them in the creative mindset of "thinking differently."

The Creativity Moves team will tap into the creative talents of your own employees to participate in the performances alongside the professional performers for an unforgettable experience that everyone will enjoy!

4) Event Entertainment That Gives Back

Featuring the Touring Cast of Playing By Air: Inspire a Spirit of Creativity & Imagination in Your Audiences!

Award-winning performers from Playing By Air Productions captivate corporate audiences with a symphony of action & comedy that exemplifies creativity, collaboration, and innovative thinking!

The show can be performed as an appreciation event for your employees, as well as with your marketing team for trade-shows, product launches, special events, keynote presentations, and more! As part of the appearance at your corporate event, Playing By Air will donate an appearance, 1-for-1, at a charity/non-profit organization, free of charge.

The show can be performed as a featured 30-60 minute stage production, as well as customized individual acts themed around your brand, theme, and colors.

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5) Celebration of Employee Creativity & Giving

How do you celebrate and tell the stories of your employee's creativity and passion for making a difference in the community?

Creativity Moves helps curate, share, and celebrate powerful stories of your organization's teams and each individual employee.

Through video interviews and profiles, TED-style presentations, and featured displays on your campus, you will discover inspiring personal narratives of creativity, caring, and success that will build a deep sense of community within your corporate family.

Creativity Moves helps you celebrate your company's creative and giving spirit and affirms your role as leader in both business and in your local community.

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Ready to learn more?

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