Creativity Moves Nashville

2013 professional development

pre-conference workshop

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Vanderbilt Student Life Center

Action Strategies to Grow Your creative Business & Make a Difference

For Creatives: Jump-start the next stage of a your creative career with strategies for community partnerships that will create opportunities for you to reach your goals, thrive, and make a difference.

For Non-Profits: Learn to think like an entrepreneur and transform your approach to fundraising, awareness, and organizational culture by partnering with creative leaders who are passionate about working with programs like you.

The outcome:

gain clarity and momentum

to grow your brand

The Thursday workshop program is intended for a limited group of individuals and organizations ready to invest time, energy, and resources into kick-starting their brands, causes, and passions.

Each participant will leave with a clear action plan and enhanced clarity towards their brand, mission, and partnerships. You will be equipped with frameworks and tools that can be applied immediately to your ability to make a living and make a difference with your creativity.

Morning Sessions:

branding and mindset


In the morning, you will learn how a giving mindset can transform your ability to grow your creative brand, get noticed, and build your audience, donors, and clients through a powerful story.

  • Introduction: A Giving Mindset & Guiding Frameworks

  • Tell Your Future Story: Where Are You Now, Where Do you Want to Be?

  • Map Your Brand, Passions, Assets, and Partners

  • Get Focused on your Brand and Elevator Pitch

  • Map Your Creative Process & Discover Opportunities to Give Back

afternoon sessions:

building strong partnerships


After lunch, you will learn how to connect your brand with key partners in the community who will increase your opportunities to generate an income and make a real impact. You will learn how to listen for targeted opportunities and how to reach out effectively to non-profits, the media, and future clients.

  • Create a Plan for Listening to Your Community (Online & Offline)

  • Partnering Between Creatives & Non-Profits/Charities:
    Help Them Help You Help Them

  • Creative Programs that Give Back for Corporate Clients

  • Pitching & Communication with Clients and the Media

A comprehensive blueprint for success

The full day program will provide you with a comprehensive blueprint to guide you through the next phase of your creative career & organizational growth. The strategies and frameworks tie together to create a big picture map to achieve success. This is not a series of unrelated talks; it is a cohesive map to build a foundation for your big vision.

meet like-minded creatives, entrepreneurs, & givers

In addition to the hands-on training, you will have the opportunity to build valuable relationships with a select group of Nashville change-makers and leaders. Creative group networking activities will help each participant make the most of these new connections.

Led by expert trainers on Creativity, Branding, and community partnerships

Nashville's top creative and community strategy leaders have come together in an all-star team to help you launch the next big idea that makes a difference!
Kia Jarmon.jpg

Kia Jarmon


Kia Jarmon is the award-winning owner and creative director of The MEPR Agency, a boutique public relations and brand strategy firm, founded in 2006.

Kia is best known for her ability to connect traditional public relations with digital and social platforms to align clients with their community, media, and social mediums. She has built MEPR on two primary principles; every organization should be socially responsible and educated on the brand foundations of their business.

Kia’s commitment to the PR industry, business, and the community has earned her recognition most recently from the Middle Tennessee Diversity Forum as the ‘Woman to Watch’ and additional awards are the Nashville Business Journal’s Women of Influence award in the Entrepreneur category, the Nashville Business Journal’s Top Forty Under 40 and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Top 30 Under 30. In 2011, she was among the inaugural class of the Athena Young Professional nominees. 
Nancy VanReece.jpg

Nancy VanReece

Nancy VanReece’s mission is to help communities achieve their full potential through the advocacy of creative opportunities.

VanReece brings a wealth of experience and understanding particularly helpful to arts organizations and individual artists; she worked for more than 25 years in the music business, as well as served as the executive director of The Nashville Shakespeare Festival from 2007-2009; as senior director of partnership development at Cool People Care, Inc.; and as strategist for, and the Nashville Library Foundation. She was the new media consultant on record for the Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee for it's first two and a half years. She served as the Social Media Strategist at Nashville Symphony for two seasons 2011-2013.

Her work at Carpe Diem Management via Mothers Digital allows her to help small businesses and nonprofits understand and use social media to reach, build and lead core audiences. With a keen eye to the latest trends in social media and online communications , she has provided detailed social media and social communications strategies for many businesses around the United States.
David Hutchins.jpg

David Hutchens

Author & storyteller

David Hutchens is a bestselling author, business writer, and learning designer who creates communication solutions for The Coca-Cola Company, Wal-Mart, IBM, GE, Nike, Bank of America, and others. He is creator of the Learning Fables -- a book series that uses story and metaphor to illustrate principles of organizational learning. With titles that include “Outlearning the Wolves” and “Shadows of the Neanderthal,” the popular books sold more than a quarter million copies around the world. David's new book is “A Slice of Trust: The Leadership Secret with the Hot & Fruity Filling,” with a foreword by Stephen M.R. Covey.

David is currently working on a book called "Circle of the 9 Muses: A Storytelling Field Guide for Leaders, Innovators, Change Makers, Culture Architects, Brand Builders, and Makers of Meaning." The book equips organizational leaders with easy-to-facilitate processes for finding, crafting, telling, capturing, and drawing meaning for the narratives that drive their identity and their future. 

Jacob Weiss

playing By Air

Creativity Moves


Jacob Weiss, PhD, is a social entrepreneur who believes that we can do the most good by being good at what we do, and doing what we love.

He is the director of Playing By Air Productions, an entertainment company that bridges corporate events and social responsibility by donating performances to local causes with each event appearance. He launched Creativity Moves Nashville in 2012 to inspire, empower, and connect local individuals and organizations to make a difference through a spirit of creativity, entrepreneurship, and giving back to the community.

As a consultant and coach, he works with creative professionals and organizations to transform their careers and brands through new approaches to giving, listening, and community partnerships.

Alex Curtis

Creators Freedom Project

Alex Curtis runs the Creators' Freedom Project, a project to empower creators to take control of their small business by leveraging their creative spark combined with today's technology. Begun in Nashville, TN since 2010, the project works directly with creators though entrepreneurial workshops and one-on-one case studies.

Alex comes to the creative industry from an innovation-policy perspective.  Over his seventeen years in Washington, DC, working for two U.S. Senators, one Administration, and in the non-profit public interest, Alex focused on copyright and the technical and social impacts of technology policy.  His widely distributed issue videos break-down complicated policy concepts and have been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bill Moyers, and The Daily Show.